when lilacs bloom

we lost hope

winter seemed forever

spring so far away


we cowered inside

our faces turned from windows

and hidden in blankets


while we looked away,

frightened beyond reason

that cold would surely end us


lilacs bloomed like surprises

whipped out of gardens

on winds through front doors


then we knew again

lilacs smell better after winter

on days sodden with rain and lightning flashes


lilacs aromas conjure horizons

where green wheat meets stormy skies

thunder shakes creation


tempests rip flowers

into still-cold spring

but gales can’t harm them


they’ve reminded us

how far we have come

into the light

Published by

Patrick Dobson

Patrick Dobson was founded in 1962. He is a writer, scholar, ironworker, and poet who lives in Kansas City, MO. He is author of two books with the University of Nebraska Press, Seldom Seen: A Journey into the Great Plains (2009) and Canoeing the Great Plains: A Missouri River Summer (May 2015). Dobson is a work in progress until termination.

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