school bus

school busthe man at the corner

stands with daughter in hand

ready to put her on the bus


flash of yellow and fists of smoke

and the man is alone,

he waits a moment


backfire, woodpecker trill,

chainsaw whine and hammer fall,

he looks at his shoes


when he walks away

he leaves a hole

that hangsĀ there all day

end of the summer

bassit will be a hot one,

hotter than july.

but hell, the water’s turned

and it’s almost over.


a cigar, a lighter.

not too many of these left.

the old lady’ll put a stop to it

soon enough.


bluegill today, maybe crappie,

no musky here anymore.

these bass eat the hell

outta everything that moves.


yeah, soon enough

the rains’ll begin,

chill will get in the air,

and all the talk’ll be football.