Night terrors


Inquisitions begin the moment

the head hits the pillow.

Night breeds thoughtfulness

that flow day obscured

with distractions,

eddies and ripples

in the stream of life.


The judges take their places

around the perimeter,

gavels and briefs in hand

questioning the mind

with words spoken, left unsaid

omissions and things left undone.

Sleep, a distant dream.


The tossing, pillow adjusting

signs of bad conscience,

Promises to do better,

plans for the future

abstractions for a new day

made, contemplated, shuffled.

Night grows in secrets.


The cacophony at the edge of dreaming

starts when the judges clatter

into their chambers

to determine the sentence.

Decisions roughing the limn,

the descent quickens,

the bottom nearing.


Inquest over the body

moves into slumber;

a moment of peace

before guilt rushes in

and insomnia pounces.

Revenant, the patient gasps

turns over, winces.


Interrogations end at dawn.

Lessons unlearned

The day lurches forward.

The judges, silent,

maintain watch.

Spring came early this year


dark winterSpring came early this year.

It is not my best season. Something

About the light, the length of the day increasing

Irritates rough edges of nerves.


Sunlight, unrelenting.

I shield my eyes and join

Throngs of travelers

Reveling in balmy breezes.


Better, winter dark,

The close blanket of cloud

That hangs on the buildings downtown.

The rain and snow and wet.


A time of thoughtfulness,

Twilight reminds me of love

And the end we all come to,

Melancholy that moves inward.


Primordial this urge, visceral.

A caveman seeking

Warmth in the cave

Where light filters in dim through the opening.


I hope the rains come soon,

The sky grows dark,

The fog and blurred dawn

The thunderstorm making early night


Redbuds flower and soon the lilacs will erupt

In fragrant bouquets of bloom

I treasure them, even as they remind me

Winter’s still a long way away.