foxfirei came back here to remember

our first night alone in the woods

two boys, their tent, and their pipes


the forest lit up then

as if it knew the life

that would pass between us


honey mushroom and jack-o-lantern

shimmered, blazed a blue path

through this stretch of hardwood


campfire stroked the oak canopy

we talked of god and girls and love

click beetles skittered over glowworms in the leaves


and after, when embers had died,

foxfire cast aurora around us and railroad worms

swung like ornaments in hawthorns


night gleamed, shined, radiated

we sat and waited and watched

silver-crusted, moon flecked, fireflied


heat lightning danced on the horizon

we dreamed of growing up

driving cars, and drinking beer


and we drank and drove

fell in with girls

and forgot this place


the quiet of it all

this vast world where you and I

believed we would live forever


the night just isn’t as bright as I remember,

life just hasn’t been the same

since you’ve been gone

Published by

Patrick Dobson

Patrick Dobson was founded in 1962. He is a writer, scholar, ironworker, and poet who lives in Kansas City, MO. He is author of two books with the University of Nebraska Press, Seldom Seen: A Journey into the Great Plains (2009) and Canoeing the Great Plains: A Missouri River Summer (May 2015). Dobson is a work in progress until termination.

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