that night we walked along dry creeks

and into the desert outside of Chinle


cottonwoods rattled in hazy, hot wind

the sound floated over locusts,

and hung in corners of hogans


we struck match to sagebrush

told stories of Kit Carson’s soldiers

burning houses, fields, killing ponies


wind rocketed down the canyon

and into the night, and we dreamed

that the Indians won that war


in pink, desert dawn,

ravens squawked and strutted

around our camp


ready to pluck out our eyes

when we weren’t looking

Published by

Patrick Dobson

Patrick Dobson was founded in 1962. He is a writer, scholar, ironworker, and poet who lives in Kansas City, MO. He is author of two books with the University of Nebraska Press, Seldom Seen: A Journey into the Great Plains (2009) and Canoeing the Great Plains: A Missouri River Summer (May 2015). Dobson is a work in progress until termination.

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